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The only Place In Bera where if you are lucky you can spot the Leopards from your room windows.

Situated 140 km from Udaipur and 175 km from Jodhpur, Bera is an adventurer’s retreat snuggled in Aravalli ranges that offers a tranquil and beautiful backdrop to stay in this one of the country’s most popular leopard getaway destinations. Leopards are elusive, shy and well camouflaged & know human habits well enough to remain like a ghost in the darkness. To find them, you need one of the best leopard trackers in the region: Shatrunjay Pratap - A passionate photographer, leopard-lover & ardent conservationist. Not only does he know the leopards in the area well, he is also one of the reasons why these leopards still have a home in Bera. A few years ago, this rocky outcropping made of valuable granite that provided a home & refuge to a healthy leopard population was granted a mining lease. That would have been the end of the leopard’s last refuge. Shatrunjay and his team swung into action after 2 years of running around from pillar to post managed to convince the Rajasthan Government to stop the mining. Now Shatrunjay has dedicated his life along with his family to live with these leopards & have made a home among the boulders of Bera (in the heart of leopard country). During the past few years Shatrunjay has spent time learning about the leopards, their movement patterns and habits. He knows many individuals and tracks them on a daily basis. He has spends days in the field and is a treasure trove of information on individual animals and their life stories.

Leopard safaris in Rajasthan

Bera Safari Lodge offers you one of the best natural habitats of leopard in the country: The Jawai leopard conservation reserve near Bera in Rajasthan, India. We offer 5 large and luxurious independent cottages with private sit outs in unadulterated natural environment with a rural backdrop.

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