Conservation Efforts

Conservation efforts to save Wildlife

Jawai Bandh forests in Pali district of Rajasthan have been accorded with the status of a conservation reserve in 2013 (19 Ha Area). In the present time there were few mines allotted near the protected area, and another 120 mines in pipeline, shatrunjay Pratap along his team swing into action and realized if these mines were allotted it would be the end of Leopards in the area, along his team they worked hard for two years running from pillar to post trying to convince the government to stop mining in the area and finally they managed to convince the government and mining was stopped in 2015. Now to ensure that no mines are allotted in future Shatrunjay along with The state and central government, and with villagers are making all the efforts to make the area into community reserve as per wildlife protection act 1972 Recently, Panchayats of three villages (Villar, Chamunderi and Lundara) in Pali has come together and unanimously agreed to form a community reserve to protect the leopards. The proposal has been sent to the state government and awaits their declaration; This can be seen as a commendable initiative, as the leopard population in different parts of the country is witnessing a steady decline. It is only in Bera (Rajasthan) that has a remarkable increase in the number of leopards. All in all, it can be said that joint efforts of everyone can create a legacy to preserve this beautiful creature for the next generation



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