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The Rabari Tribe (The Shepherds/Herdsmen)

A remarkable and rewarding experience offered by the Lodge, is a visit to see the Rabari shepherds, their livestock and their unique lifestyles in the villages. Tall, proud men dressed in white with red turbans wearing silver ornaments, herd goats and cows to graze each day. The return of the herds to their homes at dusk is a most magical time when the animals are bathed in golden light and the sound of cowbells fills the air. This has been described as “Gau Dhuli” or the dust of the cows – describing a time when the air is filled with the dust from the moving feet of the cattle.


The exact origin of the Rabari people is unknown. It is most likely that they migrated to India via Afghanistan through Baluchistan. The Rabari's have 133 sub casts, the majority of which are Hindus who worship Mata Devi, the great mother goddess of India. The Rabari, also called the Rewari or Desai, are an indigenous tribal caste of nomadic cattle and camel herders and shepherds that live primarily in the states of Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan. The word "Rabari" translates as "outsiders", a fair description of their primary occupation and status within Indian society. Traditionally the Rabari followed a highly nomadic way of life, living in tents or under the open skies and raising cattle, camels and goats. They are always on a move. The distinguish dressing of the Rabari in Bera Region only is they where Red Turban and White dress, while ladies were red dress and married women here white bangles covering their hands.leopard in india


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